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Emmanuel Giuffre

Emmanuel Giuffre is Legal Counsel for Voiceless, the animal protection institute. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Law and Arts with a major in Politics and International Relations. Emmanuel is an expert in animal law and policy, and as Voiceless’s Legal Counsel he advises government on the development and implementation of animal welfare policy and standards. Emmanuel’s principal focus is on the legal framework surrounding factory farming and the commercial kangaroo industry. Emmanuel was one of the principal authors of Voiceless’s latest animal welfare report, “The Life of the Dairy Cow: A Report on the Australian Dairy Industry”.

Topic: A new direction for Dairy

In January 2015, Voiceless released its latest animal welfare scientific report on the Australian dairy industry, The Life of the Dairy Cow. The report delves into some of the core welfare concerns that arise in high-production commercial dairying, including the use of invasive breeding technologies; mother-calf separation; the treatment and slaughter of week-old bobby calves; the onset of endemic injuries and diseases, and the performance of painful mutilation practices without pain relief. Systemic failings of the animal protection regulatory framework permit these welfare concerns to go unaddressed. As co-author of the report and Voiceless Legal Counsel, Emmanuel Giuffre will present on the findings of the report, focusing on Voiceless’s key recommendations for regulatory reform.